Our team, based out of the state-of-the-art the Mission studio on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA has expertise in animation, film production, virtual reality, film finance, and navigating a global network to assemble the highest quality entertainment industry operators and technicians to ensure the success of our productions. Our own capabilities, coupled with our exclusive relationships with high-end visual effects, animation, virtual reality and live action film studios specializing in commercials, film and digital content in Hollywood gives us access to the most creative and experienced artists in the industry, working with the latest tools and top-notch production staffs, many of whom have worked for some of the largest Hollywood studios creating well known brands and franchises.

From working with your local team to develop concepts, to identifying and selecting your U.S. team, to development, live action production, on-set-supervision, to 2d and 3d visual effects work, design, musical score, virtual reality content and on to final mastering, and distribution, Trio Media Ventures brings an efficient, smart, and high quality component to every dimension of your project.

Our deep relationships throughout Hollywood, New York and beyond allow us to serve as your bridge to the U.S. for access to seasoned and high quality production capabilities, and for opening doors to grow your media business. Whether feature film, web based short, or virtual reality clip and anything in between, our model allows us to both manage costs and create the highest quality content for global distribution.