Animation & Visual Effects

The global animation industry is experiencing a period of amazing growth. This is based on significant need for content, the proliferation of numerous internet-based distribution channels, as well as a vast group of consumers who crave home-grown storylines and characters that have meaning to them and their families. Bringing these storylines to life on the big screen, television and mobile devices creates a tremendous opportunity. Getting the attention of the largest global studios to develop, produce and distribute home grown content is difficult at best.

Trio’s pre-production, animation and post-production capacity offers the latest in technology advancements to ensure the most complete package from the top creative minds in Hollywood. This blend of artistry and technological know how allows a seamless transition from story to implementation of the animation process all the way through final picture.

Live Action & Commercials

Taking advantage of the close proximity to the top creative minds in the industry, Trio is able to leverage those relationships to bring together best-of-breed teams to navigate and conduct any and all live action requirements for any project from long form films to shorts to commercials.

Virtual Reality

While Virtual Reality (“VR”) is a relatively new form of content, it has the potential to appeal to a mass market similar to that of the online video consumer market. There is a tremendous opportunity for those who have the ability to create VR video content and entertainment to drive value. VR is essentially a new storytelling format that will require new technology and expertise, and has huge potential to be game changing in not only the entertainment industry, but within the retail real estate, healthcare, and other sectors.

In the education and philanthropy sectors, VR creates a unique opportunity for storytelling that can provide a visceral account of events, placing the viewer in the shoes of others. This medium has the power to change the way we learn, affect the way content and subject matter touches us emotionally, and build empathy in a way that can create a tangible and inspired call to action.

Trio’s ability and expertise in pre-planning and execution of projects in the VR space has positioned us to identify projects, produce, and manage all work around VR. Knowing how to implement a VR project, and developing an understanding of the core audience and your goals allows us to bring the right team of technicians together. These are the key functions of Trio’s success in this new and cutting edge sector.

 The Trio Agency Collective (A Division of Trio Media Ventures)

We have pulled together a best of breed team of content creation and advertising pros — many have known each other or worked together for decades – into The Trio Agency Collective, a Division of Trio Media Ventures.  We are a unique collective of creative, technical, advertising and business collaborators gathered under one roof to work directly with brands on business and advertising strategy, and in using data to create relevant content driven and supported by a paid acquisition strategy that increases engagement and revenue for our clients.